Source code for emloop_tensorflow.utils.profiler

import tensorflow as tf
from tensorflow.python.client import timeline
from typing import Dict
import os

[docs]class Profiler: """ Profiles tensorflow graphs and saves the profiles. """
[docs] def __init__(self, log_dir: str, keep_profiles: int, session: tf.Session): """ :param log_dir: directory where profiles will be saved :param keep_profiles: how many profiles are saved """ self._log_dir = log_dir self._profile_counter = 0 self._keep_profiles = keep_profiles self._run_options = tf.RunOptions(trace_level=tf.RunOptions.FULL_TRACE) self._session = session
[docs] def run(self, fetches: Dict, feed_dict: Dict): """ Evaluates the tensorflow graph with profiling, saves profile and returns outputs. :param session: tensorflow session :param fetches: names of output tensors :param feed_dict: input tensors """ run_metadata = tf.RunMetadata() outputs =, feed_dict=feed_dict, options=self._run_options, run_metadata=run_metadata) with open(os.path.join(self._log_dir, f'profile_{self._profile_counter}.json'), 'w') as ofile: tl = timeline.Timeline(run_metadata.step_stats) ofile.write(tl.generate_chrome_trace_format()) self._profile_counter = (self._profile_counter + 1) % self._keep_profiles return outputs